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Dieng Impressive Tour

October 23, 2012

3 hours from Jogja, Dieng had become the farthest destination that possible to visit for the tourist who stay in this city. Usually the guest just spend around 2 hours in this plateau that located in the northern of Wonosobo district. So, it’s a litle bit odd because we need 6 hours in the trip and just 2 hours in the object. But on this occasion, my guest dicide to stay in Dieng in 2 night.

Mr. Helmut, Mrs. Helmut from Germany and their son Andy, who study in Gadjah Mada University, are the guests who booked 2 days tour in Dieng. I am very confuse how to arrange the tour in a span of 2 days. While I just have experiences arranging the Dieng Tour in 2 hours only, sometimes less. But I think I’m litle bit lucky bacause my friend Mr. Tatang help me to make the tour become memorable. He gave me his close friend phone number who usually handle the tour in Dieng. And that’s really help me.

We went by car in 6 persons, Me, the driver and 3 of my guest. We arrive at Dieng at 11.00 pm, pick up by Tophix and he show us the way to the homestay. After we make a deal about the room and the price we decide to stay in Nephentes, the name of the homestay. After my guest took a rest, I start to arrange the tour with thopix, the local guide. Amazing. If we want to track all of the area in Dieng Plateau, 2 days is not enough for us. But 2 days also a possible time to enjoy the magnificent object in Dieng.

Day 1, we start at 9 am, 5 person, 3 of my guests, Me and Thopix. We began to climb at sidengkil hill. Look at the farmer who process the land in around the hill to be the potato plantation.
(to be continued)


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