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What The Couchsurfing Offers You

October 3, 2012 is the name of domain that introduced for me last month by Shahriar, Iranian who came to Yogyakarta for his holiday. He told me that this website is very important for me to support my career as a tour guide. Well, anyway I am very curious.
Arrived home I opened the website. Wow… amazing. I can meet many people from around the world, with their short profile and also their interesting about travelling. Some of them want to visit my city and they need a guide. Very Impressive.
But it’s not easy as what I imagine to get the guest like what I want. We still need lucky to get it. Because it’s about fortune. It’s about living. It’s about money that gift from god to us.
Here I don’t want to talk about what have I get from couchsurfing.

I just want to share that this website could be a revolutionary way in the world of travelling. It could be a threat for hotel industry because with internet many guest could know about the cheaper way to visit another country. Even they could have a free accommodation if they met local people who are ready to prepare their home for stay.
The problem is about the trusting. How can we believe that the person who offers us a home stay is a good person? How is he/she a criminal? Yea it could be a good news from hotels industry. But for a long time, where many guest had experiences to stay in a house of local people, they will references to their friend to do like what they do. So, it’s possible that couchsurfing will be an important website for travelers.
But, I guess when all goes according to my prediction, government will make a stupid policy. Block the couchsurfing website. Why? Because many hotels has decrease the number of visitors.
I think the last one is also a stupid prediction.


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