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The Rising Iran

August 27, 2012

Iranian is a nation with strong cultural roots. Their civilitation had been known since thousand years before century. They had university before the Islamic era. Iran is one of the country who really care with education.
And their political system is support the growth of the Iranian. After the end of the imperial era of Shah Iran in the Iranian revolution in arroung 1979, they begin the new life as a republic country. It is a hard life for them who rules a new system in their country. Beside they need to adjust the new system in whole sector of the society, they also have to face the war against Iraq that draining a lot of energy. But they can survive as a nation it’s probably because of the high education average that they have. After the end of the war, they become a conservative country and begin to be the influence country in the world in around 30 years after revolution. (According to the theory, Indonesia will be an influence country in around 2030 becouse the new era of Indonesia had begun in 1999 –wallahu alam-)
They become the center of attention of the world now because hosted Non-Aligned Movement conference in Tehran. The summit, scheduled for this week , is expected to bring together some 50 world leaders, including United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki moon and Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.

But not only the summit that makes Iran become the potential influence country in the world, their diplomacy had made everybody dumbfounded. Firstly all of people were wonder when George W. Bush mention Iran, beside Iraq and North Korea as a devil country in his speech after win the elction beat Al Gore, as the new era of America led again by republican. All peoples were understand about the status of Iraq and North Korea. But Iran? The more quite country who never make chaos in the world?
And Iran have Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, their president who always loudly say to the world that Iran is a strong country. He said what he want to say without the slightest fear. American threat was no less terrible. They will make Iran become like Iraq who devastated because of their attack. But Iran not budging. They still continue their nuclear project, continue to say what they want to say, they support Palestine, They support Syrria, They criticism US Policy and also The Israel, and they still become a stable state until now. They proved by held a conference.
Nobody can control Iranian. Even with military force. It’s very different with the middle east country, especially Saudi Arabia. They can not do anything what they want because under control of United States, the police of the world.
Iran had been rise today, the result of their revolution. Iran become strong because of their successfull in their education. It’s possibly that they will be one of the influence state in the world.


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