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It’s China Time

August 11, 2012

London Olympic Games 2012 is still going on. As of this writing, USA and China still lead the medal with total almost 80 gold medals for both country. It is not surprising for USA who always dominated in last 20 years or even more. The surprising fact Russia as a successor of Soviet Union who usually become a leader of gold medals for many decades where in this olympic they lagged far from the leader. And the best surprising off course China.

Since they won the olympic games 2008 4 years ago, in their own country, this world must be welcome to the new power of sport in the world. Soviet Union or now is Russia is living a history. USA even though still survive but began to feel threatened. But China future will make many changes.
May be they will be fail to be overall champion. But their achieveness show to everybody that China had not been slept in last 4 years and will be always try to make better in the next years. Sport is only represent about what do they do in their country, and the real change with the revival of China is their influence to the world.
China is different than Japan or Germany or South Korea. Its also different than Iran, Israel, European Union and other country who are influences the change of the world in many last decades. They are large. They are strong. They manage themself. they are just starting it all in last few years since communism destroyed and they move to be a democratic country. China is China. They are a permanent members of security council of United Nation. They have a veto right. And I think they now is stronger than England, France and even also Russia their brother in the cold war. Their nation spared in almost all arround the world. And they have an amazing history as that we know that China writing probably become the first writing in the world and still usefull till now…. and the most unique, not easy to learn their writing and their language…. so not easy to copy their revival of economic and political domination in the world.
USA start to get many seriously problems now, like their security nation where their WTC and Pentagon had been destroyed by terorist….. their economic had been destroyed by anyone whereas they have subprime mortgage and also bankruptcy of Enron….. those are at least show that USA begin to be weaker.
Olympic is one way to say to the world…. This is China time. Even USA perhaps will be the winner…. it is still a pride for China.


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