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good bye Pak Ustadz

July 6, 2011

We just lost a great ustadz. KH Zainuddin MZ passed away suddenly. The man who known as da’i sejuta umat (religious leader with many follower) leave all of us for forever.

Many people stunned when Pak Ustadz speech on the stage or even just listening from the radio. What he said are simple but deep and often make us had got a willpower to change our attitude. His voice is loud, sometimes explosiveness like Indonesian first president, so he does not only have followers but also charisma.

His figure irreplaceable until now. We have many ustadz today but none of them who has a similar characteristic with Ustadz Zainuddin. Nothing speech explosiveness, no one can motivate us even only listen his voice. Although we life in a different era today but we still need some one who can be an example to lead our life.

I am very lost on his dies. I don’t care with some gosip that hook his name. His service to Indonesian people greater than anything. Goodbye Pak ustadz, your spirit will always in my heart.


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